All over the world Yoga is gaining increasing popularity. May be for flexibility, agility, attitude, concentration, tranquility, emotional stability, increasing EQ & IQ….so on & so forth. Eventually it has proved to be a career option as well. These are all benefits of part time Yoga as Technique. Full time Yoga as a life style aims for spiritual upliftment.

When one begins the Practise of Yoga by Yogic Postures, Breathing Education, Pranayam, Meditation, it starts showing beneficial effects soon. The journey of practice definitely depends on the Yoga Teacher for its impact. Blessed in the hands of a dedicated Yoga Teacher, one slowly develops the habit of observation, attention & awareness. This habit is the crux of Yogic study.

One has to know the two main streams of Yogic practices intermingled smoothly.

They are Ashtang Yoga formulated by Mahamuni Patanjali about 2500 years ago & Hatha Yoga based on Tangra Yoga developed since 1000 years.

Ashtang Yoga offers us a base of 196 Sutras. Slowly one has to study selective Sutras which explain the term Ashtang Yoga. They explain the eight limbs namely, Yama, Niyam, Asan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi. This involves the discipline of behaviour, body, energy, mind & perception. One experiences the slow process of evolution in personality which is crucially useful in facing the ever changing & challenging situations in life.

Hatha Yoga offers us a wide spectrum of Yogic Postures, Cleansing processes, Pranayam with Bandhas, Mudras & Nadanusandhan. This practice makes us bodily strong & mentally stable. So a Beginner , slowly becomes a committed  Yoga Practitioner!!!

* We teach this information in the Medical Yoga Teacher Course and Advance Course for Yoga Professionals and doctors.

* This information is applied in Medical Yoga Therapy to help the patients.

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