Yoga is chosen life style to lead a healthy, joyous & meaningful life.

It is a behavioral Science which teaches us to deal with difficult situations in life .

It motivates us to perform valorous actions in our life but yet detaches us from their effects.

It teaches us the law of universal friendship, power of empathy, state of persistent happiness & skill to ignore the unpleasant situations & personalities.

It helps us to adapt, to be flexible, to be strong yet humble.

Ashtang Yoga is a unique formulation by Mahamuni  Patanjali guiding us on the Path of Yoga, since 2500 years. He has coined the term Ashtang Yoga, meaning eight limed Yoga. They areYama, Niyam, Asan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi.

It is a disciplined approach involving our behavior, body care- structural & functional, energy system , sensory inputs & their modulation, concentration & it’s effects, ultimately leading to blissful state.

Ashtang Yoga is a systematized study of Mind & it’s Management.

Hatha Yoga is a formulated study of progressive expansion in power of Consciousness & liberation of energy. Its main pillars are Ha-Surya nadi & Tha- Chandra nadi, both representing energy channels & consciousness respectively.

It teaches us to purify body, disciplines our daily behavior by codes of conduct ( Sadhak & badhak tattvas),makes our body strong & agile by practice of Asanas.

It also elaborates about Pranayama, Bandha (contracting selective muscles in body to increase the closed cavity pressures), Mudra (special arrangement of sensitive body parts) & Nadanusandhan (search for inner sound).

Gnosis Medical Yoga Foundation conducts the Basic- Yoga Teacher Course & Advance Medical Yoga Course wherein all these concepts are explained.

* We teach this information in the Medical Yoga Teacher Course and Advance Course for Yoga Professionals and doctors.

* This information is applied in Medical Yoga Therapy to help the patients.

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