Roadmap of Vagus Nerve

1) Nuclei of vagus

2) Ganglia & Branches of Vagus

3)  Supply of Vagus


Are present in Medulla Oblongata (lower most part of Brain Stem)

They are in the vicinity of Dorsal Respiratory nucleus.

  1. Nucleus Ambiguus
  2. Dorsal nucleus of Vagus
  3. . Tractus Solitarius
  4.  Upper part of Spinal nucleus of Trigeminal
  1. Nucleus Ambiguus- gives rise to Special Visceral Efferent ( SVE) fibres which supply to muscles of pharynx, larynx & soft palate.
  2.  Dorsal nucleus- gives rise to General Visceral Efferent (GVE) fibres which supply Para sympathetic innervation to heart, bronchi & gastrointestinal tract. These fibres are preganglionic ending in postganglions situated near viscera or in the walls of viscera. They innervate smooth muscles & glands of viscera.
  3.  Nucleus Solitarius – Receives Special Visceral Afferent  (SVA) fibres For Taste from posterior most part of tongue & epiglottis.It also receives General Visceral Afferent (GVA) fibres from pharynx ,larynx, trachea ,thoracic wall, oesophagus & thorasic & abdominal viscera
  4. Upper part of Spinal nucleus of Trigeminal – Receives General Somatic Afferent ( GSA) fibres From skin of auricle.


  1. Superior
  2. Inferior
  1. Superior ganglion – gives
  2. Meningeal branch supplying dura matter in the region,
  3. Auricular branch supplying posterior wall & floor  of external acoustic meatus 
  • .Inferior ganglion – gives    
  • Pharyngeal branch dividing into numerous branches to form a plexus. These supply to muscles of pharynx & soft palate.( The pharyngeal plexus is joined by branches of Glassopharyngeal nerve & branches from Sympathetic trunk)
  • Carotid body branches ( responsible for Baroreceptor buffer reflex of arterial pressure)
  •  Superior Laryngeal nerve ends by dividing into internal & external laryngeal nerve. Internal laryngeal nerve is sensory, carries the sensory signals from posteriormost part of tongue, pharynx, epiglottis & mucus membrane of upper part of larynx.( upto vocal folds)External laryngeal nerve is motor supplies crick thyroid muscle.
  • Recurrent laryngeal nerve course is different on right & left side. It has sensory & motor fibres. Sensory fibres supply to lower half of larynx, trachea, oesophagus. It gives branches to cardiac plexus. Motor fibres supply to all intrinsic muscles of larynx ( except cricothyroid)

Cardiac branches– Each Vagus nerve gives one or more Superior  Cervical Cardiac branch( in upper neck),Inferior Cervical Cardiac branch ( in lower neck),additional branches from its mediastinal part & from Recurrent laryngeal…..all together end in superficial & deep Cardiac plexus.

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