Myths about Yoga

Indian ancient literature has its strong roots in Vedas, Aaranyakas, and Upanishadas & Bhagvatgeeta. Then comes the period of Darshanas…Indian Philosophy. Out Of six Darshanas, Sankhya Darshan & Yoga Darshan forming a pair provides us a predictable pathway to reach a stage of Moksha…freedom from all sufferings. Sankhya provides us the Theory & Yoga the Practical.

 But natural we are attracted to Practical as it can be immediately learnt & practiced. Though it is an express highway to reach the destination faster, we should be well aware of myths of Yoga.

 Firstly it is a Science & not a matter of miracle. We have to follow a code of conduct for our behavior & observe for the effects.

 Secondly it does not work like a quick fix but needs time as it reaches root cause of the situation.

 Thirdly it is not a way for only elderly people, But from for everyone from age 10 years to 100 years.

 Fourthly Yoga is not only Asan, Pranayam & Dhyan (Meditation) but there are other limbs which should be studied & followed.

Fifthly it does not promote any religion or god since it is a science.

Sixthly it not only helps for flexibility of joints, but helps to increase the resilience of our mind.

Seventhly it not only makes us humble but capable, strong & humble.

Eighthly it is not a science developed for Therapy but for Evolution of our personality.

Ninethly it is not for a short term duration course, but a life time commitment.

Tenthly it is not only in the benefit of an individual but the whole world around is benefitted!!!

* We teach this information in the Medical Yoga Teacher Course and Advance Course for Yoga Professionals and doctors.

* This information is applied in Medical Yoga Therapy to help the patients.

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