Being a Family Physician, I happen to meet wide spectrum of medical cases,

Communicable to non-communicable ones.

This post Covid (?) period is bringing lots of cases of Psychosomatic Disorders.

I happened to meet one yesterday, who was complaining of repeated heart burn with multiple motions during the day with abdominal discomfort. There was no similar history in past. Highly educated, doctorate person expressed the trauma of 

not meeting his colleagues in many months, not attending any conferences for a long period, the research projects going low profile……all had an impact on him slowly.

Another case, a chartered accountant, not sleeping well & suffering from chronic fatigue… and so on.

COVID has hit all strata of society with multiple aspects. It’s a challenge to keep mental well-being.Ashtang Yoga practices offers us a path to face this challenge.

Inculcating the principles of Yama & Niyam in our routine forms the foundation of our behavior. This increases the mental strength.

Practicing Yogic Postures everyday makes our body strong structurally & functionally & boosts our confidence.

Learning Breathing Techniques & Pranayama keeps our Autonomic functions stable, hence appetite, gastric emptying, bowel evacuation, body weight maintenance is not disturbed. It also helps to induce sleep predictably.

Pratyahar process is immensely important to optimize the sensory inputs so that their outcome products namely Thoughts & Emotions are controlled.

Dharana is concentration meditation which teaches us to be in present tense & the non-judgmental acceptance of the situations & personalities.

Dhyana is the experience of Dharana which enhances our conscious efforts.

We at Gnosis are keen to help the society to keep mental peace & harmony.

Another case, a chartered accountant,not sleeping well & suffering from chronic fatigue …..and so on. COVID has hit all strata of society with multiple aspects. Its a challenge to keep mental well-being. Ashtang Yoga practices offers us a path to face this challenge. Inculcating the principles of Yama & Niyam in our routine forms the foundation of our behaviour. This increases the mental strength. Practising Yogic Postures everyday makes our body strong structurally & functionally & boosts our confidence.

Learning Breathing Techniques & Pranayam  keeps our Autonomic function stable, hence appetite, gastric emptying, bowel evacuation, body weight maintenance is not disturbed. It also helps to induce sleep predictably. Pratyahar process is immensely important to optimise the sensory inputs so that their outcome products namely Thoughts & Emotions are controlled. Dharana is concentration meditation which teaches us to be in present tense & the non judgemental acceptance of the situations & personalities. Dhyana is the experience of Dharana which enhances our conscious efforts.

We at Gnosis are keen to help the society to keep mental peace & harmony.

* We teach this information in the Medical Yoga Teacher Course and Advance Course for Yoga Professionals and doctors.

* This information is applied in Medical Yoga Therapy to help the patients.

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