Yoga & Womanhood

Hypothalamus controls the hormones of pituitary, which in turn controls ovaries. This is called Hypothalamopitutaryovarian axis. Hypothalamus is the head quarter of limbic System. It is a part of brain which receives all the sensory information from thalamus & gives rise to emotions. These emotional reactions give rise to our actions. Hypothalamus is constantly in […]

Yogic Postures & Skeletal Muscles Article – 1

Yogic Posture is defined as arrangement of body parts with understanding and awareness. Ashtang Yoga explained by Mahamuni Patanjali elaborates Yogic Postures in 3 Sutras. Ashtang Yoga is dedicated to study of mind & its discipline. Hathyoga elaborates various types of Yogic Postures in detail. Hathyoga mainly concentrates on purification and strengthening of body. In […]