All over the world Yoga is gaining increasing popularity. May be for flexibility, agility, attitude, concentration, tranquility, emotional stability, increasing EQ & IQ….so on & so forth. Eventually it has proved to be a career option as well. These are all benefits of part time Yoga as Technique. Full time Yoga as a life style […]

Prenatal Yogic Care

Creativity is a nature’s gift to feminity, but it also shares responsibility. It is not easy to fulfill the nature’s rule of evolution, when you are giving birth to your progeny, as you expect this progeny should  be  physically,   emotionally,   psychologically, intellectually and spiritually superior than parents. For this to happen, they would be mother […]

Fertility & Medical Yoga

FOLLOW US Fertility means ability to conceive i.e. ability to be pregnant. Every female life passes thro’ stages of menarche, reproductive phase, prerienopausal & post menopausal phase. That means beginning of menstruation, phase of mother hood, nearing menopause & after menopause.Beginning of menstruation is controlled at Hypothalamus by secreting GnRH, which stimulates Pitutary to secrete […]