Osteoporosis & Yoga – 2

Bone is the hardest of all the connective tissues,because the organic fibrillar ECM is impregnated with inorganic material,primarily Hydrxyapetite.The organic material,primarily Type I collagene,gives bone it’s flexibility,whereas the inorganic material gives the bone it’s compressive strength. The cellular component of bone consists of fibroblasts  & fibrocytes which produce type I collagene & other ECM components.The […]

Yoga & Vagus Nerve

Vagus is tenth cranial nerve. Cranial nerves are the nerves which come out from cranium- skull. They are twelve pairs of nerves. Vagus means *wandering*. The name suggests that it has a long wandering journey for its supply, reaching abdominal cavity. Vagus nerve carries 75 % of Parasympathetic fibers. Parasympathetic system is the branch of […]

Myths about Yoga

Indian ancient literature has its strong roots in Vedas, Aaranyakas, and Upanishadas & Bhagvatgeeta. Then comes the period of Darshanas…Indian Philosophy. Out Of six Darshanas, Sankhya Darshan & Yoga Darshan forming a pair provides us a predictable pathway to reach a stage of Moksha…freedom from all sufferings. Sankhya provides us the Theory & Yoga the […]