Ashtang Yoga & Stress Management

Stress Management Definition  :   Stress  is  a  change  in  the  external  environment,  which threatens internal environment of a cell. (May be change in body itself.) It is managed by body very well, by specific response generated by sympathetic branch of Autonomic Nervous System. Since this branch is part of Autonomic nervous system, it occurs automatically, […]

Anxiety & Breathing

FOLLOW US The respiratory center is a group of neurons in pons & medulla oblongata. The center receives afferent impulses via several cranial nerves- the trigeminals, glassopharyngeal & the vagi and also pro-prioceptive impulses from the skeletal structures of the thoracic cage ribs & their joints with the vertebrae. The respiratory center sends efferent connections […]

Depression & Chittaprasadanam

FOLLOW US The aim of Yogic study as explained by Mahamuni Patanjali is Chittaruttinirodh, i.e. self control of chitta (mind-Intellect-Iness complex) from its deviations. One of the important steps in this pathway is to adapt four different –approaches/attitudes towards four different types of people or qualities of people.( 1.33) Patanjali says, develop friendship with happiness […]