ASHTANG YOGA IS A BEHAVIORAL DISCIPLINE! It is to make us a better person everyday. We evolve in thinking which is expressed in our perception. It is manifested in our actions. It consists of eight limbs namely Yama , Niyam, Asan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi .

We are expected to abide & practice all the limbs simultaneously. So it is a 24*7

life style.

It may not be possible for us right from the day one, but at least we know the 

path on which we have to travel.

Yama are the social rules, Niyam are the personal regulations, Asan is a body discipline, Pranayam is to balance our biological energy, Pratyahar is to optimize our sensory inputs & control their effects, Dharana is pinpoint concentration , Dhyana is experiencing the effects of Dharana & Samadhi is experiencing our existence at energy level.

Benefits are immense! Our body becomes strong, functionally efficient, mind can be focused at any time within a fraction of a second, power of determination increased. We can control our emotions & channelize them to nourish our health.

We enjoy the balance of rationality & emotions. We become an asset to society with increasing size of our life canvas. We at Gnosis Medical Yoga, Pune, try to explain the Ashtang Yoga in Modern Medicine language. It involves the Nervous system , Endocrinal axis & concept of Homeostasis.

* We teach this information in the Medical Yoga Teacher Course and Advance Course for Yoga Professionals and doctors.

* This information is applied in Medical Yoga Therapy to help the patients.

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