Anxiety & Breathing

    FOLLOW US The respiratory center is a group of neurons in pons & medulla oblongata. The center receives afferent impulses via several cranial nerves- the trigeminals, glassopharyngeal & the vagi and also pro-prioceptive impulses from the skeletal structures of the thoracic cage ribs & their joints with the vertebrae. The respiratory center sends efferent connections […]

    Depression & Chittaprasadanam

    The aim of Yogic study as explained by Mahamuni Patanjali is Chittaruttinirodh, i.e. self control of chitta (mind-Intellect-Iness complex) from its deviations. One of the important steps in this pathway is to adapt four different –approaches/attitudes towards four different types of people or qualities of people.( 1.33) Patanjali says, develop friendship with happiness or happy […]

    Fertility & Medical Yoga

    Fertility means ability to conceive i.e. ability to be pregnant. Every female life passes thro’ stages of menarche, reproductive phase, prerienopausal & post menopausal phase. That means beginning of menstruation, phase of mother hood, nearing menopause & after menopause.Beginning of menstruation is controlled at Hypothalamus by secreting GnRH, which stimulates Pitutary to secrete FSH & […]

    Thyroid & Medical Yoga

    Thyroid autoimmunity can cause several forms of thyroiditis & may lead to hypo or hyperthyroidism. Suseptibility of autoimmune thyroid disorders (like any other,, diseases) is determined by genetic & environmental factors. Autoimmune polyglandular syndrome Type 2 involves occurrence of autommune thyroid dysfunction, with DM type I, Pernicious Anemia, Vitiligo, Addison’s disease) Causal factor for stress […]

    Medical Yoga Conference-2016

    1st Medical Yoga Conference was organized by Unnati Yogatherapy & Training Center under joint auspices of Hardikar Hospital, Shivajinagar, Pune on 4th December 2016. There was an overwhelming response. Dignitaries from Physiology Department of B. J. Medical college & other medical colleges graced the conference. The conference was inaugurated in the hands of Dr. Ramesh […]